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Why another blog?

Christians love their Bible. In Malaysia, one bible struggles against efforts to chain it. It is the Malay language version of the Christian Bible known as the Al-Kitab. It has been banned, unbanned and then partly banned, confiscated, desecrated, ten pointed and confiscated again. No other Malaysian book have gone through so much and its story is continuing. There is not only a dearth of information about the struggle of the Al-Kitab but there is misinformation as well.

The story of this Bible is a story of faith and God’s grace upon the followers of Jesus Christ in Malaysia. It is a story that must be told so that present and future generations of Malaysian Christians will cherish Malaysia’s Bible. The people most qualified to tell this story are the custodians of this Bible, The Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM). I am the current President of BSM and have been involved in every crisis involving the Al-Kitab for the past 15 years. For the sake of the Malay Bible, I was arrested on January 2, 2014.  This story will be told in future postings.

In my postings, I seek to give information. I will share eye-witness testimony and give you a ring side seat to the action. I will try to avoid making judgments as much as possible although it may happen every now and then. I believe that as people are given the facts, they will draw the conclusions for themselves.

To those of other faiths, please note that I will share my Christian faith and religious convictions from time to time in this blog. If it offends you, you know what to do. However, I hope you will persevere and enjoy my posts with an open  mind.

Lee Min Choon




3 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog

  1. Seok Eng Teng

    Min Choon, thank you for writing down the story of this Bible. I am encouraged and will certainly share this with others. Please continue to write. I certainly know what and how to pray for BSM. The story of God’s grace must continue to be told as long as the door remains open.

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