Updates: Bibles to be Returned – Another Promise?


March 20, 2014: In the Malay Mail Online today (article here) , Sallehin Mukhyi, a member of the State EXCO of the Selangor State government said as follows:

“Attorney-General (A-G) Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail is now advising Jais on two matters — whether to press charges against BSM for using the word “Allah” in the 300 Malay-and Iban-language bibles and whether the books should be returned to them.

“From what I understand, there is a possibility that most of the bibles will be returned to them (BSM)… Jais may keep a few for the purpose of further investigation,”

I was immediately contacted by reporters asking me whether the Bibles have been returned. The answer is No. I do not want to take whatever Sallehin says seriously.

In my previous post dated March 13, 2014, I commented on Sallehin’s press statement made on February 10, 2014 where he said JAIS had already submitted the investigation papers to the AG. I pointed out that this does not made sense as JAIS was still recording statements from staff of BSM right up to February 12, 2014. How can JAIS submit the investigation paper for decision by AG when they have not closed investigations?

Coming back to Sallehin’s statement today. Again, there are more questions than answers. For example:

  • If the bibles are related to a punishable offence, why would a substantial portion of 300 contraband articles be returned? All 300 would be needed for the prosecution in court.
  • If the matter has been referred to the AG for decision, why is JAIS still investigating?
  • What is the “further investigation” that JAIS is carrying out? Is it the alleged offence for which they raided BSM on January 2 or is it for something else?

Anyway, if one bothers to trace the news articles since January 8, there have been quite a number of promises by the Selangor State Exco that the bibles will be returned.


One thought on “Updates: Bibles to be Returned – Another Promise?

  1. Brent McBurney

    Praying that those JAIS officials doing whatever follow-up investigation they deem necessary will be led to faith in Jesus Christ through God’s word.

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